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Interested in the history of the New Living Expo and it's connection to the Whole Life Expo? Read about it here!

From the past success of the Whole Life Expo ...


Next Year's Event is scheduled for April 24 - 26, 2009
2008 Audio CD's for selected speakers are available by calling (415) 382-8300

Over 275 Exhibitors ~ Over 150 Speakers
Panel Discussons ~ FREE Workshops ~ Lectures ~ Special Events
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Welcome to the 7th Annual San Francisco New Living Expo!

This year promises change in every way, shape, and form—nationally, globally, and locally. Come join us in making these changes as positive as we can.

The New Living Expo remains the must-attend, integrative event for exploring possibilities and learning the latest breakthroughs in science and alternative medicine. This show offers vast networking opportunities to “meet and greet” while enjoying the new discoveries for restoring the body, heightening the mind, and awakening the spirit.The low-cost, all-inclusive admission provides you with 300+ exhibits, 100+ lectures, workshops, panel discussions, and more. Our list of speakers covers a wide range of topics. They are some of today’s bestselling authors and innovative thinkers. We also have important three-hour Special Events that are located at the Holiday Inn (at 8th & Market Streets) for an additional fee and they are listed in this program guide.

If you’re interested in living a healthier, longer life, while looking and feeling younger, going green for the sake of the planet, or learning how to attract what you want into your life—you will not be disappointed. It’s all here and much, much more, and even how to save the Red Apes. We believe knowledge is power. The more informed we are the better equipped we can be to make educated choices to live consciously and sustainably now and in the future.

Our green Food Court is offering a wide range of delicious choices—truly something for everyone. Bring your water bottle and fill up for free purified water.

We appreciate and thank the sponsors who are assisting to make our vision grow and reach more and more important people like you. This year we are pleased and excited to include KRON-TV Channel 4 and Clear Channel Radio to our family.


Ken and Corinna Kaufman

Help STOP the dangerous and toxic aerial spray for the Light Brown Apple Moth by signing the petition at and getting involved at

To download a complete Program Guide (60 pages) in Acrobat format, click HERE. (8 MB file, requires Acrobat Reader)

If you want a hard copy of the guide mailed to you, send us an email through the Contact Us page.


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Special Events

Lea Walters
Gay & Kathlyn Hendricks PhD
Sean David Morton
Jelaila Starr
David Wilcock

Workshop Speakers

Alice Walker
Jim Hightower
David Wilcock
Doug De Vito
Dr. Raymond Moody
Norm Shealy, MD, PhD
Lori Grace
Master Sha
Mellen-Thomas Benedict
Viktoras Kulvinskas
Mingtong Gu
Gabriel Cousens, MD
Dannion Brinkley
Lori Grace
Dr. Fred Bell
Kevin Ryerson
Corinna Kaufman
Live Performance Good Vibes
Christopher Valentine & Christian Von Lähr, PhD
John Gray, PhD

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Expo Highlights

  • Our commitment to the environment
  • Green Your Life Panel Friday 4:30pm
  • Jim Hightower speaks Friday 7pm
  • Orangutan Outreach: Saving the Red Apes Saturday 4pm
  • Ester Nicholson Concert Saturday 8pm
  • Alice Walker speaks Sunday 11am
  • Live performance, “ Good Vibes” Sunday 5pm
  • 6 Special Events at the Holiday Inn
  • Ecstatic Afterhours Dance Party" Saturday night at Yoga Tree Castro?
















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