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Friday Schedule: 9:00

Room 1
Swami Anand Veetra - Booth 405

Water is Nectar for the Body

Why is it that human beings are like no other creature on this planet? What is the essential most gift of nature for a healthy human body? How have human being beings started eating or drinking other than through this gift of nature? Water is life, water is nectar, and it has special qualities to cleanse the human body.

From his childhood, Swami - born Panna Bafna - has been interested in spiritual and holistic-related affairs. At age seven he was formally initiated into the order Jain Swetamber Terapanth, which was led by his grandfather’s Guru, the Acharaya Sri Tulsi.


Room 2
David Wilcock

2012: Galactic DNA Transformation

2012: Will it be disastrous or divine -- or just another year? Renowned author, filmmaker, and mystic David Wilcock will present how our DNA is being energetically transformed by galactic energy – causing undeniable climate change throughout the entire solar system. Discover how the galaxy itself is an intelligent super-being that consistently creates human life on every available planet – and witness the proof of how we are all being energetically activated to our highest potential!

David Wilcock is a professional author, lecturer, filmmaker, musician and metaphysical researcher, as well as the executive producer of “CONVERGENCE The Movie” with “Contact” screenwriter Jim Hart, and the subject and co-author of the international bestseller, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?



Room 3

Panel Raising Happy and Confident Children in the Digital Era

Today’s fast-paced world, combined with unhealthy multimedia messages, confuses children about what is important for their personal health and family happiness. This panel of family experts will inform you on how to raise children who are happy, responsible for themselves, and respectful of your household’s values.

This panel will teach you how to nurture cooperative relationships with your children to handle the toughest issues of parenting, including drugs, sex, homework, and dating. Parents will learn ways to let children develop their own individual perspectives without losing authority. Participants will have the opportunity to ask their most difficult questions to the panel.

Dr. Mark Schillinger, Moderator, is an authority in personal growth and male adolescence. His articles have been published in parenting magazines and he teaches family educational workshops. He is the founder of The Young Men’s Ultimate Weekend, a modern rites of passage initiation for young men.

Brent Zeller, is the author of Evolutionary Education: Moving Beyond Our Competitive Compulsion, a book that creates a clear vision for our species’ survival and transcendence through a paradigm shift in education. For four decades, Brent has devoted his life to developing the ideal learning environment.


Beth Hossfeld, MFT, is a licensed therapist and co-founder of Girls Circle, a nationally recognized model. Viewing the quality of girls’ relationships as key to their identity and healthy development, Beth works with teens, families, and organizations to develop their strengths and increase relationship well-being.


Beth Halbert, PsyD, is a reputable clinical psychologist and visionary “Teenologist™” with a passion for empowering families. Her methods open doors for effective communication that honors differences, encourages unconditional acceptance, builds healthy boundaries, and creates more interactive and connected relationships. Visit Dr. Beth at


Richard Platt, Licensed Marriage & Family Therapist and Certified Professional Coach, founded Teen Solutions to support families to raise effective and responsible young men. He has helped hundreds of teens discover their individuality and their time-honored role of serving and protecting our community.


Warren Farrell, Ph.D., is author of the bestseller “Why Men Are the Way They Are,” plus “Women Can't Hear What Men Don't Say” on couples' communication, as well as other books translated into 15 languages in 50 countries. He has been chosen by the “Financial Times” as one of the world’s top 100 “thought leaders” and has appeared repeatedly on Oprah and Barbara, and by Larry King and Peter Jennings. He has been featured repeatedly on 20/20 and in The New York Times, in People and on Real People, in men's journals and The Wall Street Journal, and on the Today Show, the Tomorrow Show, and even To Tell The Truth. and more than 1,000 TV and radio shows. See
Dr. Warren Farrell began his research on gender issues in the ‘60s. His first book, The Liberated Man, was published in 1974. It was from the women’s perspective and the feminist perspective. By the ‘80s, he began noticing that men were feeling misrepresented, and his award-winning national best-seller, Why Men Are The Way They Are, was written to answer women’s questions about men in a way that rings true for men. The New York Post calls it "the most important book ever written about love, sex, and intimacy."



Room 4
Mike Farrell

Workshop A Great Moral Hunger

Actor, producer, writer, director and author Mike Farrell is Co-Chair Emeritus of the Human Rights Watch in Southern California, President of the Board of Death Penalty Focus, spokesperson for Concern America, an international refugee aid and relief organization, and occasional Good Will Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Farrell is best-known for playing Captain B.J. Hunnicutt in the popular TV series M*A*S*H and for appearing in the TV show “Providence.” He has also produced Universal Pictures’ hit series “Patch Adams.” During his eight years with this show, he wrote and directed several episodes, earning him nominations for Director’s Guild and Emmy awards.

On the documentary front, among many others, Farrell co-hosted “Saving the Wildlife” for PBS, hosted “The Best of the National Geographic Specials” and had a great adventure scuba diving with his children, Michael and Erin, among hundreds of sharks in French Polynesia for “The World of Audubon.” His newest book is called Of Mule and Man. His first book was Just Call Me Mike: A Journey to Actor and Activist.


Room 5
Roland Thomas, ND, - Booth 731

Awakening the Genius Within

Mr. Thomas will introduce scientist Michael Kiriac, PhD. and the concept of brain vs. stomach food. He will introduce the culmination in cellular nutrition, an advanced delivery of nutrients that nourish the cells of our mission critical brain organs. Ingested substances will either raise or lower your energy; choose wisely.

Roland Thomas, ND, founder of BioAge, editor of BioNews. Roland studied eastern medicine, nutritional medicine, energy medicines, Kundalini yoga, Qi Gong and Tai Chi. Speaker, radio guest, author of Awakening the Genius Within, He graduated from University of Montreal, and Trinity College of Natural Health. Visit



Room 6
Karambu L. Ringera, Ph.D. - Booth 528

Inner-Knowing as a Tool of Transformation

Each of us is born with an instruction manual for life, our inner knowing. Some of us recognize this gift but never allow it to guide our lives; most of us pass through the journey of our lives without realizing its potential. Karambu Ringera will share her life work with HIV/AIDS orphans and women living with HIV/AIDS -- a model for how inner-knowing and faith can transform our lives, and the lives of people with no hope.

Karambu L. Ringera, Ph.D., University of Nairobi, Professor of Communication, is the Founder and President of International Peace Initiatives International ( Through IPI, Karambu works with grassroots women’s groups, individuals and communities to create social change through empowerment of those most affected by violence, poverty, disease, and under-education.



Room 7
Freeman Michaels - Booth 838

Taking the “Loss” out of Weight Loss

When you lose or give up something valuable, you are going to need to find or replace it. For many people, food has been a source of comfort, for others weight may be a form of protection. Weight Release focuses on fulfillment – what really feeds you? This program examines what is fulfilling to you and helps reorient your life to truly meet your needs; weight release will be the natural result.

Freeman Michaels, founder of the Service to Self™ Process, is a speaker, workshop trainer and author. He holds a Masters Degree in Spiritual Psychology from The University of Santa Monica.






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