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Saturday Schedule: 3:00

Room 1
Monte Leach - Booth 307

UFOs Herald Emergence of Maitreya, the World Teacher

At this critical time for planet Earth, the one expected by all spiritual traditions has come. Maitreya, the World Teacher, and his group of enlightened teachers, the Masters of Wisdom, are here to help us end war, restore the environment, and ensure that the needs of all are met. See video footage of luminous UFOs filmed by people worldwide, which are a sign that Maitreya’s public mission has begun.

Monte Leach is the US editor of Share International magazine (, and has spoken widely about Maitreya, the World Teacher and the Masters of Wisdom.


Room 2
Live Center Stage
   Dick Gregory

Workshop The World According to Dick Gregory;
Natural Diet: Save Your Life!
Increase Longevity!

Dick Gregory, considered one of the greatest stand-up comics of all time and the role model for Lenny Bruce, Richard Pryor and Chris Rock, among others, honored by his peers at The Kennedy Center,. will share adversity with humor as he discusses the state of our food supply that has been sabotaged by genetically modified foods. This conspiracy of compromising the well-being of every man woman and child must be addressed now! We have an epidemic of obesity and chronic disease in America today. Learn about the type of foods and brand products the companies won’t tell you are genetically modified. Learn the truth about Bovine Growth Hormones found in dairy and meat and how safe organic really is. Learn the truth about chemtrails. Dick Gregory will leave you with the secrets of being disease free. through diet, nutrition, fasting and love. Dick Gregory, the Conscience of America speaks out. Don't miss it!

Dick Gregory, comedian, satirical humorist, recording artist with seven records, television and film personality, humanitarian, leading nutritionist, (formulator of the Bahamian Diet), is the author of 15 books, including the best-seller Nigger and his most recent work, Callus on My Soul. He is acclaimed for his mobilizations for social change, including defending civil rights with Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. in the 1960’s, his anti-drug antics like camping out in drug-ridden parks in protest and his dramatic heart warming fast for days on just water and prayer in Iran helped convince the Ayatollah Khomeini to release the American hostages Dick Gregory the first Afro- American comedian to break the color barrier and appear in main stream white clubs and on TV. Dick Gregory was born and raised in extreme poverty in a fatherless home. He has not forgotten those still trapped, participating in over 100 fasts bringing attention to world hunger and the importance of quality nutrition to fortify body mind and spirit.


Room 3
Judith Orloff, MD & Dannion Brinkley
Conversions with Judith Orloff & Dannion Brinkley


For the first time ever together, all that needs to be added to this most amazing mix is your presence. This intends to be a co-creative experience from which there is every possibility for there to be a quantum-leap reactivation of the world according to its heavenly ideal. Each of these speakers has a different perspective as do you. Each person is different, yet one in purpose, for the highest happiness, vibrant health, and prosperity for every living being.

Judith Orloff, MD, psychiatrist and intuitive, is the author of the newly released bestseller Second Sight. Her insights create a new convergence of healing paths for our stressed-out world and proves that it not heresy to combine intuition with the healing arts. She is also the author of Emotional Freedom. Dannion Brinkley is the New York Times best-selling author of: Saved by the Light, At Peace in the Light, and Secrets of the Light: Lessons from Heaven. All three of Dannion’s near-death adventures into the world beyond are chronicled in these books. After nearly 35 years of spiritual study and practical research in the field of death, dying, and the hereafter, Dannion is recognized as an expert on these subjects.

Room 4
Fred Bell

Introduction to Quantum Biology

Dr. Bell has long been known as the leading researcher in the field of quantum entanglement and quantum biology. He will share new secrets on how physics has now realized the physical properties of the acupuncture meridian systems, and how the biology, and corresponding biological changes, respond to it. Learn the common denominators to remote healing, remote viewing, déjà vu, and many other paranormal activities. Dr. Bell will discuss his latest invention, The Quantum Biological Administration Machine (QBAM) and the quantum science behind it. Learn about interference patterns in the hologram of existence and their interpersonal relationships with you, your family and all that you know. See actual demonstrations of quantum tunneling and instantaneous quantum entanglement before your eyes.

Dr. Fred Bell entered the world of nuclear physics and the paranormal, and began inventing while working at the University of Michigan at the age of 14. He founded his own company, Pyradyne, in 1975. He is a well-published author and musician, and hosts a worldwide radio show at



Room 5
David Schneider - Booth 615

Dehydration: The Danger & the Clinically Proven Solution - Stirwands™

Water is critical to health, yet tragically misunderstood and abused -- placing us all at risk. Even with drinking enough water, 94% of us are still dehydrated. Quantum Age Water Stirwands™ deliver what medical science can’t – a simple pen-sized, inexpensive device to naturally balance, stabilize and energize water. It is clinically proven to quickly raise hydration, oxygenation and cell detox to therapeutic levels. Get educated, not sold. A competitive athlete with 30+ years studying health and nutrition, Dave understands water, green foods, agriculture, athletic performance and consciousness. He separates fact from fiction in a world spending fortunes on water yet still massively dehydrated, ill and tired, and delivers a solution.

David is the creator of www.stirwandsdirect. com. Water is his greatest passion.



Room 6
Phyllis Light, Ph.D. - Booth 309

Living Safely & Spiritually in a High-Tech World

Do you sit in front of a computer? Use a cell phone? Get tired or sick frequently? Phyllis Light will teach you how electromagnetic fields from computers, cell phones, microwaves, satellites, wireless internet (Wi-Fi), TV and radio frequencies impact your physical body and your spiritual well-being. She will also cover ways you can protect and heal from exposure to such life-damaging energies. A group healing will also be offered.

Phyllis Light, Ph.D. is a teacher, counselor, author, and expert in Telepathic Healing. She clears people’s negative subconscious programming, repairs energetic damage to their field, and increases their spiritual light.


Room 7
Dr. Brian Clement - Booth 210

Change Your Lifestyle/Save Your Life; How to Prevent Aging & Heal Disease

Learn how changing your lifestyle with living foods’ abundant energy and extraordinary nutrition protects cells from early death and promotes life-extension. Dr. Clement will explain how to lengthen your life-span and increase quality of your health and well-being. His research as Director of Hippocrates Health Institute affords him an understanding of how people can prevent premature aging and disease and resulting unhappiness.

Dr. Brian Clement, author of “Living-Foods for Optimum Health/ Longevity/Lifeforce,” has spearheaded the international progressive health movement for more than three decades. As director of Florida’s Hippocrates- Health-Institute, he has developed state-of-the-art programs for health/ maintenance/recovery/active-aging/ and disease prevention.






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