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Saturday Schedule: 6:00

Room 1
Suteja Navarro - Booth 629

Ayurveda: Mother of All Healing

Ayurveda, an ancient holistic method of healing practiced by the yogis in India, is based on the Hindu vedas from which the discipline of yoga also emerged. Learn how to recognize your constitution based on the three doshas (Vata, Pitta, and Kapha); what causes disease according to 5,000-year old rishis; and the different methods and rejuvenation techniques used in Ayurveda which form a perfect and complete system of healing.

Suteja is a Clinical Ayurvedic Specialist and Pancha Karma Specialist practicing Myofascial Release™ therapy, yoga, and meditation. She has a decade of monastic experience and is based in San Francisco.


Room 2
Dannion Brinkley

Workshop Co-Creating a Consciousness for Change

In preparation for the global and cosmic changes about to occur, Dannion explores fresh ideas to invigorate our spirits and stretch our consciousness to higher levels of awareness. What if we all lived as if we belonged to one another? Imagine how life on this planet would change. In this workshop, Dannion explains the Fourfold Path to Power.

When implemented daily, this path teaches:

  • How to live in the realm of endless possibilities
  • How to manifest by remaining conscious of your personal consciousness
  • How to consistently live in a state of grace
  • How to move beyond the affects of karma.

Dannion Brinkley is the New York Times bestselling author of Saved by the Light, At Peace in the Light, and Secrets of the Light: Lessons from Heaven. All three of Dannion’s near-death adventures into the world beyond are chronicled in these books. After nearly 35 years of spiritual study and practical research in the field of death, dying, and the hereafter, Dannion is recognized as an expert on these subjects.



Room 3

UFO PANEL Extraterrestrials 2012 and Beyond! Special Presentation: The Best UFO Photos Ever Seen!


This year our UFO Panel presents some of the best UFO photo’s and research on record. Join us as five of the best researchers present startling and intelligent reports on: crash retrieval sites, alien abductions, the 2009 crop circle season, government cover-ups, 2012, incredible new photos from Mexico, Great Britain and much more... There will be a number of new never before seen videos in store for this years panel, in addition to photos on display and many things to look at. A special MUFON (Mutual UFO Network) report, will show how many interactions between terrestrial life, and extraterrestrial life were reported in 2009. Some of the footage you will see, you will not find anywhere. Not even on You Tube! You will want to get a seat early for this years panel, because when the house lights go down, you are going to be convinced, We Are Not Alone!

Robert Perala, moderator, has been at the front of paranormal research and extraterrestrial science for over 30 years. His careful research includes hundreds of reports of direct contact, including his own featured in his bestselling books, The Divine Blueprint, and The Divine Architect. He is a radio and television personality and has been featured on: CNN, The Fox Network, and Showtime.

Sean David Morton is an author, lecturer, award-winning film-and TV-writer, director, producer, and national radio host. His presentation includes: ancient cultures; religions; the Aztecs; the Mayans; the Egyptians and the myths and mysteries of Earth’s anticipated ascension into the New Age of Enlightenment. He will talk about the most exciting predictions for the next few years.


Ruben Uriarte, is the State Director for Northern California Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) and Deputy Director of International Investigations. He has coauthored several books, including Mexico’s Roswell and The Other Roswell, and has been featured on The History Channel’s “UFO Hunters,” The Discovery Channel, and “Coast to Coast AM.” He presents some of the best UFO photos and live video footage.

Room 4
Lori Grace, Barbara George , Normon Solomon

What’s so Bad about Proposition 16?

PG&E is spending $36 million (from our bills) to promote PROP 16 – ON THE JUNE 8TH BALLOT - which would amend the California Constitution to stamp out PG&E’s competition. Would you like to be able to choose affordable, clean energy for yourself and everyone else in your city or county who wants it? PROP 16 ELIMINATES YOUR RIGHT TO CHOOSE. It prevents anyone from following in the footsteps of Marin, which launches its historic clean energy program this May, offering twice as much renewable, solar and wind energy as the utility with no rate increase. Prop 16 hurts 20 non-profit city utilities in California that offer cleaner power and cheaper rates than PG&E. Learn about how Prop 16 is deceptively worded to promote its success and what you can do to help defeat this proposition.

Lori Grace: She has been an active environmentalist for years and trained with Al Gore as a climate change and green lifestyle change presenter. She is well-educated about the potential effects of Proposition 16, the history of PG&E both ethically and environmentally and played a major role in helping Marin Energy Authority survive the vicious attack of PG&E. Barbara George advocates for Marin Clean Energy and represents ratepayers at CPUC. Normon Solomon is a nationally syndicated columnist on media and politics. He wrote the weekly “Media Beat” column from 1992 to 2009.



Room 5
Peggy Werner & Ximena Gavino - Booth 613

Open Your Spiritual Channels

Peggy and Ximena will share sacred and secret soul wisdom, knowledge and practices, based on Master Sha’s bestseller, “Soul Communication,” to help you open your spiritual channels quickly and easily. Trained by Master Sha, they will introduce techniques to bring out your Soul Language, open your Third Eye and develop your Direct Knowing abilities to access profound spiritual wisdom from your soul and the soul world.

Peggy Werner and Ximena Gavino are very advanced Soul Healers, Soul Teachers and powerful Soul Communicators with the authority to read the Akashic Records.



Room 6
Baratunde and Kayah Ma’at- Booth 429

The Planetary Alchemy of Connoisseur Herbal Tonics

Come experience the unforgettable Forgotten Foods Connoisseur Chinese herbal tonics. Learn to build your blood quality and immune system with the highest efficacy of herbs, Qi Kung and moving meditation. Expect increasing energy, resilience, and holistic rejuvenation. Come sample, see, taste, smell, and touch and feel the Forgotten Foods difference -- a complete body, mind, and spirit experience!

Baratunde has a 26-year history with traditional Chinese herbalism, alchemy and Spagyric Arts. His wife, Kayah Ma’at, has a 25-year history of natural health and transitional diet activism.


Room 7
Janis Kristjanson - Booth 424

Divine Magic & Your Forever Young Skin

Enjoy a Free Facial or a sample of Janis’s channeled formula as you hear her story of Divine Providence. Watch your skin look younger before your very eyes! Janis received a life-changing formula that makes wrinkles disappear, blemishes heal, and pores shrink to create a youthful, vibrant, resilient and regenerating complexion. Ageless, youthful skin can be yours forever -- no matter what condition your skin is in. It just gets better - guaranteed! Janis’s father, now her Guardian Angel, gifted her with an Icelandic formula while she was in a deep, meditative and prayerful state.

Janis speaks nationally about the life-transforming vision that became a miraculous skin beautifying treatment. She is also author of the book “Never Trust a Woman with Lip Gloss on Her Shoe.”






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