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Saturday Schedule: 7:00

Room 1
Melissa Weaver, B.S. - Booth 111

The Truth is Out on Wireless Devices!

Learn about the health and environmental impacts of wireless technology. Many countries have adopted safer EMF exposure standards; recommendations for land lines and wired internet connection are becoming the norm. The European Union is relocating/repositioning towers for public health reasons and recommending children not use cell phones. Why isn’t the US taking notice? This presentation covers RF EMF basics; industry history; media, peer-reviewed research; health effects, environmental impacts, legalities, and safety tips.

legalities, and safety tips. Melissa Weaver, B.S., Environmental Health Consultant and Educator, is CEO of Enhanced Health Systems, coordinator of the Center for Sustainable Health, member of the EMF Safety Network (www.emfsafetynetwork. org) and resides in Sebastopol, CA.


Room 2
Caroline Casey

Workshop Convening the Trickster Training/Council in Pragmatic Mysticism and Democratic Animism -- Cooperating with the Astrological Meta-Story of Now!

Caroline Casey shares her astrological*political*mythological meta-stories and cultural strategies for today. She cultivates “the Cool Compassionate Trickster within us all, who dances best in the dire beauty of Now.” As only Casey could say: “Eloquence, metaphor and story serve as incarnational vessels whereby the power of Spirited Woof enters the world stage. Let us cultivate these inventive skills of animating the most desirable story with fresh, unpredictable language. The Compassionate Trickster part of ourselves - known as Uranus, whose glyph looks like an archaic jail key - encourages us to unlock ourselves and pass it on. Through astrological*political* ritual*lecture and theatre, we’ll gather our skookum strategy for navigating the wild seas of Now in an age of marvelous invention.”

Caroline W. Casey is dedicated to “Pragmatic Mysticism-Democratic Animism” and the Trickster Medicine that brews it all together to fuel reverently ingenious social change in innumerable shape-shifting forms: as Visionary Activist Astrologer; weaver of context of the “Visionary Activist Show” on the Pacifica Radio Network; author of Making the Gods Work for You, keynote speaker at innumerable social change conferences, and Chief Trickster at Coyote Network News.



Room 3

Panel 2012: The Ascension and The Ascension Process

We have assembled an amazing group of beings who will discuss these core issues of the day. It is highly recommended that you familiarize yourself with our distinguished panel by visiting their individual websites. We have indeed entered into the “7th Golden Age of Humanity,” the spiritual, psychological, and socio-economic implications of which will be discussed during this panel. We are living, as prophecied, in the most unprecedented of times as we individually and collectively ascend in consciousness and explore the infinitude of all that is and all that this implies. Brace yourself for a most interesting and thought-provoking journey!!

Da Vid Raphael MD, moderator, is a holistic physician and artist. Da Vid is the author of, the director of Hunab Ku: Cosmic Transmissions From The Galactic Center, a profound initiatory multimedia experience, and Founder of The Light Part, A Wholistic New Political Paradigm Party dedicated to “Health, Peace, And Freedom For All.”

Susan Miller founded Astrology Zone in 1995 which garners 6 million unique readers a month. She has also authored six books, including her classic: Planets and Possibilities. She’s also the monthly contributing editor to Elle (USA and Hong Kong), and Vogue (Japan). Her phone app, “Astrology Zone Premier,” is on the Blackberry and iPhone, and offered as a feature by phone carriers in the US and Japan.

David Wilcock is a professional author, lecturer, filmmaker, musician, and metaphysical researcher, as well as the Executive Producer of “CONVERGENCE The Movie” with “Contact” screenwriter Jim Hart, and the subject and co-author of the international bestseller, The Reincarnation of Edgar Cayce?

Aurora Juliana Ariel, PhD, creator of TheQuest™ and Earth 2012 series, is a pioneering doctor whose research and work have given her a profound understanding of the psyche and the tools to heal an ailing humanity. 35 certificates and degrees in advanced healing methods as well as a BA, MA, and PhD in Psychology. She is gifting her new book, TheQuest: Heal Your Life, Change Your Destiny FREE at

Chief Sonne Reyna, Yaqui-Carrizo Nation, sun dance society peace chief - traditional sun dancer. Key note speaker and panelist at world summits and conferences addressing global warming and societal transformation. USAF military veteran, vietnam – global advisor and specialized consultant teaching peace and reconciliation through ceremonial healing. recorded his “healing songs for earth and sky” with Steven Halpern. 2004. NATIVEORICLE@YAHOO.COM

Joseph Giove, is executive producer of the Shift of the Ages film: a timely, artistic and inspiring expression of ancient wisdom and prophecy proclaimed by our Indigenous Elders. The Shift of the Ages is a true account of the Mayan prophecies, the life and mission of Grandfather Cirilo and the momentous evolutionary shift currently underway in our cosmos. Joseph is also founder and executive director of, a global non-profit organization with thousands of members, whose mission is the practical application of consciousness-related research toward creating social and environmental harmony.

Room 4
Arielle Ford

“The Soulmate Secret”

Have you ever wondered what it takes to find the love of your life? Finding true love is possible for anyone, at any age, if you are willing to prepare yourself to become a magnet for love. During this day of fun and dynamic creativity, Arielle will share techniques that will finally empower you to connect with your spiritual partner. She will reveal that our universe is set up to deliver the people into our lives who are consistent with our personal belief systems. If you believe that the One is not only out there, but is also looking for you, then true love can be yours.

Arielle Ford is a nationally recognized publicist and marketing expert, producer and the author of seven books, including the popular Hot Chocolate for the Mystical Soul series. The Soulmate Secret: How To Manifest The Love of Your Life with the Law of Attraction is being released in January 2009 by Harper One. As one of the nation’s leading book publicists Arielle compiled her knowledge and expertise in the industry to create a 25 audio CD and resource guide, Everything You Should Know About Publishing, Publicity and Building a Platform, It is a favorite among first-time authors and has received rave reviews.



Room 5
Hana R. Solomon, M.D. - Booth 709

Solomon, M.D. The Art and Science of Nasal Health

Nasal issues are the number one reason Americans seek medical care and costs us billions of dollars per year as well as millions of lost days at school or work, poor sleep and overuse of needless medications. This issue affects every family. Review the history and ancient art of nasal irrigation. Compare and contrast all the various nasal washing systems. Understand the functions of the nose; how allergies, ear and sinus infections, snoring, post-nasal drip, asthma, and even bad breath are related to an unhealthy nose. Caring for your nose reduces medication use. Includes live demonstrations of various techniques.

Hana R. Solomon, M.D. is a boardcertified pediatrician and serves as the president of BeWell Health, LLC.



Room 6
David Kaplan - Booth 325

Life From Life – Energy from Energy

David Kaplan, founder of Transition Nutrition, grew up in New York. At the age of 21 he was shot and had a near-death experience. By the grace of God and switching to a raw food diet, he was completely healed. Soon after he started practicing and teaching Yoga and has been a representative of the Living Master of Surat Shabd Yoga for 17 years.

Shabd Yoga for 17 years. David will share his unusual life’s journey and how to overcome illness and life’s adversities with a true spiritual path.


Room 7
Dr. Kevin Ross Emery - Booth 609

Managing the Gift of ADD/ADHD

If you or someone you love does not recognize why ADD/ADHD is both an evolutionary process and a gift, then you must attend this lecture. This lecture will explore: what is ADD/ADHD; where did ADD/ADHD come from; why it is a gift; how to manage those gifts, and how to manage the problems that can also come with the impact of ADD/ ADHD.

Dr. Kevin is the author of “Managing the Gift: Alternative Approaches for Attention Deficit Disorder.” He has led in-service workshops for teachers and counselors on people gifted with ADD.






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