Sunday, 12pm
Room 7
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Tracey Stanton
How Your Spiritual Self Falls in Love

Tracey Stanton

What is falling in love really? Simply hormones? How can we understand falling in love from a spiritual perspective? We'll look at how we fall in love on the levels of life force, intellect, emotions, and higher self -- the very essence of who we are. For those who are in love, love love, have fallen out of love or looking for new love and want to know more!

Director of the Clairvision School of Meditation's Berkeley center, Tracey is a Clairvision Instructor, IST practitioner, and Entity Clearer with a thriving client practice. Tracey is passionate about sharing her love of meditation and inner-realities.

Hours: Friday 4-10pm
Saturday 10-8pm
Sunday 11-7pm

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