Saturday 6 pm
Room 8
PMH Atwater

Children of the Fifth World

PMH Atwater

Dr. Atwater takes an in-depth look at today's kids and why they are so different. Tossing aside labels like indigo, crystal, starseed, rainbow, and psychic, she connects esoteric traditions of the Fifth Root Race (a particular genetic pattern), and that of the Fifth World, with what is actually occurring. She explains how the increase in intuition, creativity, abstract-thinking, and unusual learning styles - signal evolutionary changes at work. The new kids act as agents for world change by reflecting back to us every misguided aspect of business, politics, religion, and culture. No "sacred cows" are left uncovered, as she bridges heartbreak with promise in our newest generations.

Children of the Fifth WorldPMH Atwater, L.H.D. is a pioneer researcher of near-death states. Since 1978, she has written 10 books on her findings, some of which have been verified in clinical settings. In her work, she discovered close links between the new kids and near-death kids, suggestive of evolution.

Hours: Friday 4-10pm
Saturday 10-8pm
Sunday 11-7pm

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