Sunday 5 pm
Room 5
Sean David Morton

2013-2025 AD: The Night of the Jaguar

Sean David Morton

The coming 13-year cycle beginning in 2013 is called the year out of time and sets the tone for the coming massive social, political and economic changes just ahead. With seven major astrological transits of the great outer planets there will be comets, the likes of which mankind has never seen. New discoveries of Mayan stellae will bring the predictions of the Maya into harmony with those of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Let Dr. Sean-David Morton guide you through all that is to come, culminating with the return of Quetzalcoatl.

Called The Night of the Jaguar it will be a disastrous time for the unprepared, but a time of fantastic and incredible changes for the ascending Children of The Light, warning us to be cunning, stealthy, and careful like the great cat from which it takes its name. If you have never been to a power point lecture by Sean David Morton, be prepared to be shocked, dazzled and amazed!

Hours: Friday 4-10pm
Saturday 10-8pm
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